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Why entrepreneurs don't pay $6,000 for someone else's strategy 

Most understand that strategy is essential. But small businesses and professionals can't afford to pay the standard $6,000 to $10,000 for full content strategy development. 

And you shouldn't want to. These strategies don't include the content, and there is no promise of ROI.

Instead, they pay freelancers like me $300 for a couple of blog posts – hoping they will one day provide the right traffic needed to generate leads. As a content writer that takes pride in my storytelling, I got tired of seeing my content wasted on poor or absent strategy. So I looked for a way to provide a solution with an upfront price.  

My Offering

Proof of Strategy + Content + Outreach

For $600

Proof of Strategy

A testable strategy with clear objectives for directing visitor action from point A to point B.

Content: 2 Articles

1 article designed to attract engagement and drive audience action to an industry specific resource article.

Strategic Outreach

Additional copy and custom graphics to attract traffic and backlinks from a list of strategic social platforms and websites.

The Truth About Strategy

It can be implemented and tested at any scale.

And that is because strategy isn't just about data. It's about finding success patterns and repeating them.

So there is a way to offer a scaled down alternative to weeks of research and competitor analysis. It won't replace all content strategy, but it will provide a proof of concept that we can reliably build on together.

A Proof of Content Strategy

We Can Build On Together

Starting With The Fundamentals

All effective content compels action.




And an effective strategy channels that action in the direction of someone's service offering.

But what are channels, really?

Too many people get lost in a confusion of terms. Somewhere along the way, the content marketing industry decided to define a marketing channel as a platform where you post your content – Like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.     


Because – the English language defines a channel as

“Directing energy and resources toward a specific end. ”

The definition is about movement. And a platform doesn't move anything.

Instead, marketing channels are simply a series of strategic value propositions directing action across platforms.

Content Click Path

These propositions are strategically placed to channel action toward a service or product. 

And the strength of any content strategy is in the value propositions linking the content together. 


It comes from what they tell search engines.

The more search engines record action through these channels, the more visible they make them.

It comes from what they tell search engines.

The more search engines record action through these channels, the more visible they make them.

Ultimately, the only way to verify if a content strategy is worth the full investment is if the research, content, and implementation move action from point A to point B and then point B to point C and point C to a sale.

The Strategic Cornerstone

So, Instead of paying for the entire development, I offer the critical A to B content that serves as the cornerstone for future growth. All that's left to do is learn, steal and repeat – or pay me to repeat.

Your Bounty

A roadmap to strategizing a network of channels and content clusters that effectively drive action.

It is always ideal to own your strategy. I am here to help navigate. Once you have a proof of concept, I can help you take ownership and scale with additional content and consulting.

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