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Our Mission

Answer questions the best way possible.

Explainer Videos for Brand Journalism

Our curiosity has us addicted to information. But curiosity doesn’t have to kill the cat. Inspired by Vox’s brand journalism, the Best Explained Studio wants to break our screen addiction by satisfying curiosity with honest storytelling.

And I believe you can too.

Your audience wants to know why your work is important. And without a compelling explanation, they will keep scrolling.

I am here to help explain your why.

But unlike the costly $100K price tags for Vox videos, I offer the same kind of explainers at an affordable price.

don't kill the cat

My Mission

Answer questions the best way possible.

Industry proven content for Crypto, DEFI, the Metaverse and More

My blockchain expertise, PR strategy, and storytelling generates lasting brand recognition in the tech industry. Check out a case study of PR campaign for COR Stake Pool to learn how.

For a look at more content marketing success stories, check out my full portfolio.

Brand Journalism That Transforms Perspective

Marketers have a bad rep. But the reason is two fold: bad story telling and cultural cynicism. Bo Burnham called out both in his comedy special, Inside. But, instead of regurgitating hot takes, we responded with thought provoking content that changes the narrative.

The most effective way to position your services to the top of your industry is through generating videos and articles that transform culture and perspective. We do more than offer explainers, we help you think through the most insightful content for your industry.

But we customize the approach, media assets, and format across platforms. This makes your message more compelling and relevant to your target audience.

Custom Strategy

Insights that position you to the top of your field.

Custom Content

Images, graphics, and videos for any format.

Custom Distribution

Distribution strategy that ensures relevancy across platforms.

Need content strategy development that won’t break the bank?

What if I told you there was a way to develop a killer strategy, test it, and then scale it to meet your business objectives – all under $600?

Thought-provoking content needs a thoughtful strategy. Understanding the secrets to both is the key to our success and yours.

SEO Benefits of Brand Journalism

Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.

– The EX-CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt

Google understands that quality brands equal trust. The more users searching for your brand means that search algorithms can trust and promote your content. Brand journalism explainer videos are the best tool to generate the kind of PR and curiosity that will have people googling your name.

Brand Journalism Example

This example of brand journalism incorporates a mixture of media that explains the labor shortage through an honest story about Best Explained. It increased brand queries by 1000%.

How We Make Mixed Media Explainer Videos for Brand Journalism

Brainstorm Creative Topics

Here, we will dive into your analytics and market research to find interesting questions from your target audience. We will explore topics that will generate interest and highlight the value of your brand and service offering.


After selecting the question we want to answer, we will frame a story that best explains the topic, answers the question, and exposes your brand.


Once we like the story, we will source creative that is within your brand guidelines to produce the video. Using a combination of animation techniques, licensed stock video and music, strong voice-over, and creative storytelling, you can have an affordable journalistic explainer video in just a few weeks!

Our Explainer Services

Brand Journalism Videos

Videos that explain topics and events culturally relevant to your brand.

Brand Explainer Videos

Videos that explain the value of your services.

General Explainer Videos

Videos that explain any topic – for whatever purpose.

Brand Journalism Articles

Articles that explain topics and events culturally relevant to your brand.

Brand Story Copywriting

Copy that artfully explains the value of your services – in any format.

Content Strategy Development

Content that uses proof of strategy to develop the best channels for your SEO goals.

Branding Resources

Content Marketing Vs Brand Journalism

Not all content marketing is brand journalism, but all brand journalism is content marketing.

Mixed Media Animation Explained

Mixed Media videos are simply a combination of animation, live-action videos, and/or static images. All of my videos come in this format.

How Brand Storytelling is Really Brand Explaining

If your website is having difficulty with bounce rate, a brand explainer is a perfect solution

Brand Journalism Explained

If you want to generate traffic from increased interest, a branded journalistic explainer is the perfect solution.

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Case Study

This video was used to enhance the SEO of a blog post on toslawyer.com. The site was receiving consistent traffic for questions about EULAs but wasn’t seeing high engagement from these visits. The average time on page was 17 seconds. After creating this video, we very quickly noticed higher engagement as well as improved ranking for related keywords. After 2 months, the average time on page was 3 minutes. The blog was no longer simply capturing traffic, it was engaging the audience and converting it.

Our clients love us and our strategies

The Founder

John Gilbert

Every business and start up is an endeavor to create something valuable. And my job as a brand storyteller to explain why that endeavor is worth the risk of failure. I started Best Explained because no one was offering small to medium size businesses the opportunity to tell their story in the unique captivating style of journalistic explainer videos. – I also just wanted an excuse to tell meaningful stories.